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About River Poet Productions

Our goal - to challenge. Our hope - to inspire.

Visionary Statement

We have watched movies document our history and culture, educate and open our minds, give testament to man's technical and creative intellect, entertain us, inspire us, caution us, chastise us, remind us of our greatest potentials, and without skipping a beat, define our limitations. In this ever-changing world of fast technology and faster gratification, there is a great need to challenge what we perceive in everyday life.

During the past five-year journey, we have strove to challenge the world's perspectives and hoped to inspire imaginations through the storytelling art of motion pictures. At its core, our first feature film, Morning Glory, defies stereotypes and shows the intertwined journeys of two spirited young people who find the courage to overcome fear and deep tragedy to rediscover the indelible power of the human spirit. It is our goal that this film and future films to follow will continue the incredible legacy of motion pictures and their ability to provoke and inspire.


River Poet Productions was founded in September of 1990 by Mary and Theresa Dinh as a Film Production Company.

In February of 1996, River Poet began pre-production on its first feature film, Morning Glory.

Morning Glory held its world premiere at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival in Beverly Hills, California at the Laemmle Music Hall 3 Theatre on July 16, 2001. The film also screened in New York City on September 13 and October 9, 2001, and on Long Island on March 14, 2002.

Current projects in development include two award-winning dramatic screenplays: Dust, written by NYU alumna Sherie Yang, and Before the Dawn written by Mary and Theresa Dinh.

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